Farmgirl in: Bainbridge Island!

Remember a few weeks ago when I went to Seattle? 
Well, I'm finally getting around to posting more about it. 

Specifically.....my little afternoon trip to Bainbridge Island, to attend the Seabold Vintage Market.

An awesome view from the ferry.

A cute little Seabold Farm.

See this road?  Yup.  I walked down it to get to the little school house. 
After hopping off a bus.
After getting off the ferry.

A great looking sign!

Finally.....the little school house/Community Club/Seabold Vintage Market!

Just a few people when I first got there.

Then a few more.

And a few more.  With some great looking merchandise outside!

Closer to 'open time', the line got MUCH longer.  I was sure glad I was near the front!

And isn't that bench cute??

A happy me, enjoying the ferry ride back to Seattle.

Next up...a few inside pictures of the market.

And hopefully the items I purchased {and WON!!!} there.

Until then, here are some links you can go to and check out.  I might be in one of them.  Can you find me? 


1 comment:

Jodee said...

Oh my word! It looks like you had loads of fun! Great pictures!

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