Farmgirl In: Seattle

Finally....some pictures from Seattle. 

I saw plenty during my time in Seattle.  However, I didn't see as much as I would have liked.  Due to the time of the training, I wasn't able to visit the museum, aquarium, music experience, etc.  I would have liked to have gotten a City Pass, but most of the places closed at 5 or 6p.  Since I was walking everywhere I went, it didn't seem like a practical idea. 

What I did see:

*Pikes Place Market {flowers, fruits & veggies, flying fish, various other things}

{Can you find the flying fish?!?}

*Space Needle

*Numerous Piers


*LOTS of Starbucks and other coffee shops  {at least 1 on each street of every block}

*Too many homeless/beggars and too many 'homeless/beggars'

*Walked on every downtown street {or so it seemed like it!}

*The outside of the Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project

I arrived to Seattle on a Wednesday afternoon, finally getting to my hotel after 4p.  I unloaded my bags in my room, then took off for a self-guided tour.  I made it to the Market, but it was pretty much shut down by the time I got there.  I eventually made my way to a place to eat, then headed back to my hotel.  I was beat by about 9p Seattle time, which was 11p Iowa time.

Thursday morning, I had already planned to head back to the Market for a little while.  However, this time around, it was just starting to get set up.  I still have no idea what the typical hours of the Market are, but I sure missed them!  There were more vendors there on Thursday morning, but not what I was hoping to see.  Thursday was also the starting day for my training.  But thankfully, we got done early!  So I took off on foot, and walked to the Space Needle.  I had already decided I would not go up to the top, since it cost way too much!  So I got a picture of it from the ground.  I then just started walking, and found myself over by Olympic Sculpture Park, not really knowing what it was at the time.  :)  I then made it to the Piers, and just strolled along for awhile.  {It did mist for a little while, but not much.}

Friday was a full day of the conference.  When we were finally done for the day....it was raining.  This was the first day that it was actually raining.  I hung out in my hotel room for a couple hours, but then decided to venture out.  Boy, was it an adventure!  There were some interesting people out all around the downtown area!  The rain sure didn't stop them from just sitting around and hanging out.  After I had enough people watching, I went back to the hotel....and ordered room services for my first time ever!  I ordered a pizza, and it was delicious!  I can't remember what kind it was, but it was yummy!

Saturday morning was our last day of the training.  We were done about 1 hour earlier than scheduled, and I was trilled!

What did I have planned for this day??

Heading to Bainbridge Island, to go to the Seabold Vintage Market!


traci said...

i just loved seattle. such a neat city. can't wait to go back. we walked everywhere too. ate at some of the greatest little restaurants. glad you enjoyed it.

Rylan said...

Nicole, I want to go to Seattle and go around with you! I wish we had something like this in Las Vegas. The tulips are amazing! My fave of all time! I want to go there now!!!! NOW!!!!

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