Once {Loved}

After much looking and enjoying,
I have finally decided to join up with a photo challenge at Faded Prairie.

These are pictures that I have taken over the past couple of years....but I still enjoy them.

The FFA crate and Wyoming license plate was a purchase from Faded Prairie.
The Iowa plate was from the farm.
The Staley Seed fan was from an anqitue store in Perry, IA.

While in Fort Collins, CO for work, we took a day trip to Cheyenne, WY.  On our way back, we stopped by the Terry Bison Ranch.  While waiting for the restaurant to open, I enjoyed the scenery around the ranch.

Back in the day when it was normal to have a gas pump at home to fill up personal vehicles, this pump is what we used at the farm. 

This crate sits on my counter, holding some of my favorite recipe books.  On top is a book called 'The Fun of Cooking'.  I also picked this up at the antique store in Perry.  In addition to the ice cream scoop sitting off on the right.  You can't see it, but it has a red handle.  That's what caught my eye.  :)

If you want to join in on the fun, head on over to Faded Prairie!


traci said...

you've got some great treasures there. love the crate filled with cookbooks. we still fill up at the farm, but our gas pump isn't as cute as yours. have a great day nicole.

Kristin said...

what in the world was i thinking selling that ffa tote?!? LOL!! it looks *divine* dear girl! :0)
thank you SO much for joining in on the little challenge...your photos are perfection!

big prairie XO

Simply Bungalow said...

I love your photos and your treasures.

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