Dog-Gone Good Weekend

February 12 is a very special day to me. 


This year, I turned 31 years young.  :)

But to begin my birthday weekend,
I had a pet wrangling job I got asked about last week.  So I have been spending what extra time I do have in the company of these pups.

{Sorry about the weird eyes....it was actually kind of dark, and I didn't want the dogs to go too crazy by turning on more lights.  And yes, they were just sitting like this.  I quickly grabbed my camera before they decided to move!}

Anyway, my birthday celebration started out on Friday night.
After a last minute invite sent out to some friends, we had supper at my favorite Mexican restaurant. 
Following that up, I went to another friend's house for a late night kid wrangling gig, so the parents could go out.

Saturday night was a fundraiser for some other friends.  They are in the process of adopting 2 boys from another country. 
It was an enjoyable time.  Great food, great friends, good music, and it was my birthday!
I had the pleasure of assisting with decorations.  I will post about that later...hopefully borrowing some pictures as well. 

Sunday I headed northeast to Cedar Falls, for my youngest nephews baptism.  I was a 'stand-in' God-parent, as the official God-parent lives in North Dakota.

Carter was sure one handsome little dude!

After the baptism, everyone went back to the farm for dinner, dessert, and chatting time.

But eventually, we all had to make our way back to our own places. 

It was a great birthday weekend!

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