Howdy Kitchen: Pulled Pork {& sale tip}

Thanks to local grocery stores having some great deals on boneless pork loin, when it was my turn to provide food at connection group, this is what I served up as the main dish.

It was one of the easiest meals I have prepared.  However, it took about 25 hours to make.

The reason......
I cooked an entire 10 pound pork loin in my crock pot. 
But because my crock pot isn't super size, I had the meat counter cut the loin in to 3 pieces. 
I cooked 2 of the loins on 'high' for a few hours, and one of the loins on 'low' overnight.
You can do the math of how long each piece took.

But to start, I just added a little salt and pepper to the loin on all sides.

Then I put the loin in the crock pot, and added a little bit of water to it.

Then let 'er cook!

How do you know when it's done?


Stick a fork in it!  It's done!

Yes, really.  You do the fork test.  If you can tear the meat apart with the fork, it's done.

To 'pull' the pork, just take 2 forks, and start pulling the meat apart until it is all nice and shredded.

It was so tender, I was even able to cut some of the larger pieces in half with the fork. 

In the end, you should have something that looks like this.

If you are like me, you LOVE barbecue sauce.  YUM!  So I decided to make it BBQ pork.

However, I under estimated my sauce stash.  Oops!
I ended up using some Country Bob's, Aldi's brand honey bbq sauce, and some Countryside Bar-B-Q Sauce {which is also my favorite}.

Side note:  if you'd like to try Country Bob's sauce, go to their site here and you can sign up for a coupon for a free bottle.

Once everything is all pulled apart, mixed up, and ready to eat, don't hestitate....eat it!

I will confess....I had myself a sandwich about 2 hours before I headed to connection group.  :)
I couldn't help myself!

However, if you are looking for something a little different, I found a recipe on Kraft Foods that is delicious!

I used this recipe as a guide...but made it my own. 

The first time I made it was on the grill.  Oh my, it was tender and tasty!  The second time with this recipe was in a crock pot.  It was good as well. 

I know I will be trying this recipe with the other 1/3 of a loin that I have in my friend Amy's freezer.  {My freezer is FULL of other foods.}  I had a bit of a misunderstanding of how much I needed to get, and got 20 pounds instead of just 10 pounds. 

Oh well.  Mom bought the rest from me that I didn't keep, since she feeds more people at the farm than I feed at my place.


If you are in the Ames/Des Moines area, HyVee is having a sale on their boneless pork loin....$1.99/pound, through Friday.  That should mean that Fareway will honor that price as well.  So go stock up!

Happy cooking!


Jay and Gina said...

Make some and send it to me please!!! That sounds yummy! Haven't had it since Jay's R&R party.

traci said...

mmmm, mmmm good. thanks for sharing. i think i am going to make this for sunday lunch.

Mindy said...

mmmm- pulled pork- droooool! The next time you make this you can add Lawry's to the s & p and it will give it a little extra depth of flavor.

HLC said...

You are the first Countryside BBQ sauce fan I have met that is not from Algona:) Yay, glad to see the fan base is expanding, those look great!

clarkitect said...

Fareway FTW.

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