Europe 2010 - Oberammergau

So, let's back up 1 day...to the evening of day 5.  We spent the night in Oberammergau.  I believe that sometime during the fall of 2010, Gina went to Oberammergau to watch the Passion Play that is put on by the locals every 10 years.  It runs from May through October I believe.

After we got to Oberammergau, we checked in at the hotel, then had to go find the guest house we were spending the night in.  I am bummed I didn't get a good picture of the guest house.  Across the driveway was a barn.  A barn that had some cattle.  Due to the cattle, there was a nice pile of manure sitting outside the barn.  And the night we were there, the farmer decided it was time to move the manure.....all night long.  And not with a loader tractor like most farmers would use.  He used a claw-type device.  Seemed rather weird.  It took a long time.  He blocked us out of parking in the lot, because the tractor/manure spreader was backed in across 2 driveways, sticking out on to a rather busy road.  And he didn't seem to care.  I guess that must be how they do things there.  But that definitely would not have been happening in the states!

Anyway, it just made it feel like home....with cattle living right next door.  :)

After we unloaded our luggage and such, we drove to the downtown area.  It was already dark by this time, so we didn't want to walk and get lost. 

Downtown Oberammergau

A corner of the cattle barn, with a mountain peak in the back.

Now with the mountain peak zoomed in, you can see a cross at the top of the mountain.  According to Gina, our official tour guide, she said that the first person to climb the mountain can put whatever they want up there.  But for most people, they put a cross.  It think it is rather neat.

This was taken from the drive of our guest house, looking across the street.

It was a quick stay in Oberammergau....but it was enjoyable!  Because many of the stores seemed to close rather early, we didn't stay out very late.  When we got back to our 'house', Mom & Gina broke into the kitchen {ok...it was unlocked....but the door was closed!} and used their toaster oven to heat up our leftover pizza from the night before.  Then we ended the night with watching a movie.  With the awesome technology they had in the room {AV hookups for the stereo system}, we all hung out in one room and watched a movie before bed.  We might have even had it hook up from the computer to the tv.  I can't remember exactly, but it was something we can't usually do in the states!  And it was very much appreciated.

After Oberammergau, we then made our way to Salzburg, Austria.

That concludes days 5 & 6.

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Jodee Leader said...

I know I say it every time -- but what an amazing trip! I love these pictures too!

We just applied for our passports today. We are heading to Mexico during spring break!

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