Europe 2010 - Sound of Music

Finally back to posting some pictures of the trip.

We were in the Salzburg area for about 1 day.  The reason to go to Salzburg.....The Sound of Music!

One thing I learned about the sites of The Sound of Music....it was filmed in many different spots.  Who knew they did that way back then!

The glass pavillion at Hellbrunn Castle.
{Sadly, it is always locked up.  No singing or dancing inside.}

Leopoldskron Castle

The front side of the castle was used as the Trapp family home. 
The children were boating on the Leopoldskron Lake and fell into the water.
The Venetian room was copied from the castle and used as the ballroom.

Mirabell Gardens

The Mirabell Gardens were laid out in the 18th century. Maria and the children were seen dancing around the statue of Pegasus, the winged horse, and throughout the gardens singing 'Do-Re-Mi'.

Behind the fuzzy rain drops/snow flakes is part of the area that the family hid after they left the talent show.

Mondsee Cathedral

The church where the wedding occurred.  {Which is in a completely different town.  They didn't get married at the Abbey as I thought all along!}

So long, farewell!

Ok.  Just kidding.

I'll be back another time to show some more pictures of Salzburg!


traci said...

how fun that you got to see these sites. i just watched that movie for the first time last month. i know, where have i been. it was amazing. i loved it!!!

Lori said...

Thoroughly loving your photos and stories! I love this movie and took 2 years of German in high school. I've always wanted to visit. :)

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