Europe 2010 - Garmisch & Linderhof Castle

Before our next castle, we made a quick stop in Garmisch to the Army Base.  Needed to get some stamps, go to the post office, get some money, visit the PX, and eat some lunch.  Oh yeah...and forget to check out when we were done!  But thankfully, it wasn't a big problem.

We then went to a ski run that, if my research is correct, is from the 1936 Winter Olympics.  Gina....feel free to correct me please!

Thinking 'Olympics', this is not at all what I would have expected.  But then again, it's old!

Part of the arena seating was concrete steps that you sat on.  There was also some wood benches as well.  And it seems that across the way, there were actual seats. 

Now on to our next stop.  The Linderhof Castle.  Again, when we got to this area, our car was 1 of maybe 5....and those other cars could have easily been the workers!

Per Gina's demands, we did go inside to tour this castle.  :) 
King Ludwig II built this castle {as well as Neuschwanstein.  Okay, he also built a bunch more too!}. 
However, with this castle, he lived here.  And he actually finished it!  I guess it was a habit of his to start a castle, but never completely finish it.  As is the case for the Neuschwanstein Castle.

If you have a chance, you might want to read up on your history of King Ludwig II.  A lot less typing that way. 

Now, back to touring the castle.  We were the only 4 people in our tour.  We had to wait awhile before it was our turn to go in.  While standing outside the castle to go inside, I was questioning Gina and us paying for tickets to go inside.

A look at the gardens in front of the castle.  {Yes, everything is winterized.  But Gina said that they are lovely in the right season!}

A view of the front of the castle.  Not nearly as fancy as I was expecting!  It just seemed small for an important castle.

However, once we were inside the castle, it was like night and day.  There was gold everywhere!  There was marble.  There were different types of neat woods.  There was gold.  There was lots of expensive stuff.  And there was more expensive stuff!

Sadly, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the castle.  I can sum it up in one word: extravagant!

It was hard to imagine that someone actually lived there.

I guess that King Ludwig II had a true 'man cave'.  It was located back of the house, up in the side of the hill.  So yes, literally a cave!  Had we been visiting during a non-winter season, we could have possibly gone to see it.  Oh well.

After the castle, we finished making our way to Oberammergau.  This is where we ended our day 5.

Next up - Day 6 -- Salzburg!


traci said...

the architecture is just stunning over there. i would love to see it first hand. but seeing your photos will hold me over for a bit.

Hanneke Nelson said...

I am pretty sure your research on Garmisch is correct. For me it means New Year's Day. The ski jumps in Garmisch are still in use and part of a four city ski jump championship tour. Traditionally the Garmisch leg of the tour is on New Year's Day. I used to get up on Jan. 1, watch the NY's concert from Vienna and then watch the ski jump. Don't remember getting dressed on those days. I miss that...

Anonymous said...

The original ones were demolished some 2-3 years ago 2008/9? and a new one built.

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