Howdy Kitchen: Cupcake Update

After enjoying my cupcakes again tonight, I have learned two three lessons. 

{1}  When you put marshmallow creme on top of a cupcake and forget to put them in the refrigerator, the creme becomes like a liquid and somehow runs off the frosting. 

{2}  Also, once you do put the cupcake container in the refirgerator, which also contains the chocolate Bliss cupcakes, the Bliss candy gets hard inside the cupcake.  Next time {because they still aren't frosted for some reason}, I will heat one up to get the candy melted, then frost it, then enjoy it.

{3}  Keep on baking!  Even though they aren't perfect, they still taste good.  No need to let a little mishap set you back!  And isn't it usually good to learn from our mistakes?

Happy Baking!

1 comment:

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Hey, I saw your questions about CropADile on the soup can recycle for Valentines ... yes, that is what I used!

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