Howdy Kitchen: Chocolate Cupcake Fun

Tonight while watching the Trashelor, I mean Bachelor, I needed a break from the show.  It was getting a little too dramatic for me.  So what did I do? 
Whipped up some chocolate cupcakes.

When the first batch came out, I was thinking of how I could make these a little bit more fun than that typical chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.  After a quick look in my pantry, I decided to go with some marshmallow creme.

My vision....I was hoping to get some of the marshmallow creme inside the cupcake, so when you take a bite, it's a fun little surprise inside.  End result, I didn't get enough in there.  I think next time, I will cut out a little bit in the center of the cupcake and fill that with the marshmallow creme.  Before I put on the chocolate frosting, I put more of the creme on top of the cupcake, then covered it with the frosting.

I'll definitely make them again!

 While getting the 2nd batch of cupcakes ready to go in the oven, I caught a glance of a bag of Bliss chocolate sitting on my counter.  (Dove chocolates would work just fine as well, but I wanted to use up the Bliss.)  After filling the cupcake wrappers {using my large Pampered Chef scoop, which is awesome!!}, I pushed a chocolate in to each of the batters.  I then decided to cover up the chocolate with a little more batter.  Next time, I will NOT do that, hoping to help keep the chocolate from sinking. 

You can barely see it, but the chocolately goodness is near the bottom of this cupcake.

What are some other fun ways that you jazz up a simple cake mix?

Now, I have about 30 cupcakes to eat! share with anyone that I can find.   :)


traci said...

those would have helped me get through the bachelor too. yum. at least he got rid of the two drama ladies. yikes.

Jay and Gina said...

That is one sweet plate you have under that cupcake!!!

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