Halloween Craft

Finally, after sitting on my table for almost 2 weeks, I got a Halloween craft project done.  I had the general idea in mind of what I wanted to do.  But in the end, it turned out different, but better than I was expecting.  Gotta love that!

Back in May, I participated in a home goods swap.  One of the 'treasures' I snagged was this beauty. 

Well, maybe it isn't exactly a beauty.  The snowguys are fun and all....just not my style.  I had other ideas for this guy.

Up until tonight, I used it to frame a few different things in my hallway.

And now for the items that have been sitting on my table for about 2 weeks....looking just like this as well.  :)
I knew I'd get to it someday, just no idea when.

First I traced all the letters backwards on the back of of the papers, then cut them out.  I then painted the wooden letters, since I knew I wouldn't cut the paper out perfectly, and some of the wood would show through.  Next I used some Mod Podge to glue down the paper, as well as a top coat to protect it.  

Once that was complete, I took a look at the ribbons I was going to use, and came up with a new idea.  I decided to hot glue the ribbon around the edges of each of the letters.  I also used the ribbon to hang the letter from the frame thing.

It's not perfect, but I'm okay with that.  After working on this for maybe 20 minutes, here's the end result.

Here's how it looks on my wall.  I like it. 

The only problem...after Halloween, I'll have to cut the ribbon to get the letters off.  If I had some velcro, it would have been a great time to use it, so I could reuse the letters again next year.  But thankfully, I still have plenty of ribbon left.  So some year, I might get around to adding some velcro to the ribbon.

Happy Crafting!


Kim said...

caaaaaaaaaaute!! wtg!

Farmgirl Paints said...

CUTE projects!!

Thank you for your awesome comment. Can I come live in YOUR head for the next 6 months. I really do appreciate all the fun suggestions and positives. Girl you got some love for those winter months...kinda cracked me up a bit!

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