Harvest 2010

Monday afternoon/evening, I enjoyed an all too quick trip back to the farm.  I got to spend a few hours in the combine, but best of all, saw my niece and nephews from China again.  And with them moving back to the states, within driving distance, I can guarantee I will be visiting as often as they will allow.  :)

Here's a glimpse at the harvest.  When I was around all the kiddos, I didn't worry about taking pictures.  I wanted to play with them, or hold my newest nephew.

Tractors and wagons, ready to be filled with beans.

The bean dust cloud in the background is hiding the combine.

Worn barbed wire fence, with a neighbors field in the background.

Here comes trouble.

Can I distract him?

Hello brother!  Good job.  Now it's my turn!

And no need to look glamorous when spending a few hours in the field!

A view from my drivers seat.

Harvesting with the sun in your eyes...not fun.  Thanks dad for running my shades to me! 

My brother is proud of the new mirrors.  Mighty nice and useful if you ask me!

So there you have it.  I couldn't get any good pictures of unloading the beans.  It was quite dusty!  I didn't want to get any bean dust in my camera.  :)

Happy Harvest to all the farmers out there!


Kim said...

a happy harvest indeed!! we are happy in these parts to be getting it out now instead of next spring! :)

Jay and Gina said...

Who wants to see beans when there are five kids at the farm!!! Sheesh!! Get your priorities straight!! Some of us aren't lucky enough to be able to play with them, so WE NEED PICTURES!

Art and Appetite said...

Love it! You know what? That should be my next vacation destination! What a wonderful place to visit un Fall!

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