Home Goods Swap

A few weeks ago, some friends and I got together and had a home goods swap.  That included things from rugs, shower curtains, vases, and frames, to pillows, wall hangings, picnic basket, pails, holiday decor, candles, and whatever else people could find that they no longer used.  With the swap, everyone is to take their items, a day or 2 before the swap, to the host house for set up.  We also chipped in a couple bucks to help with the cost of the snacks.

After everyone arrives and has had a chance to browse through the items, we all draw numbers.  That is how the order is determined for selecting your times.  Once you get through everyone once, you start back at 1 again.  It is possible it will get to the point where someone has selected all they want, so you skip them.  This continues on until all the items are selected, or until no one wants anything else.

Here are the fun things that I got at the swap.

Check out this little beauty.  It is kind of cute....but I got it with the intent of redoing it.  Finally, yesterday, I took out the board with the snowmen painted on it.  When I pulled it out, one of the little pieces came with it.  So I had to get out my handy glue gun and reattached it.  I am using it now, but not sure if it will stay where it is or not.
Now who doesn't love tin containers?  I picked up a few.

This one is tall for flowers, grasses, twigs, whatever.
A watering can that won't be used for watering.  :)
A small bucket!  It will go in my craft room.

These pillows are big!  They are great for putting against the wall to sit if I have lots of company over.

And last but not least....because it was the 1 thing I really wanted....
a picnic basket!
Growing up, I remember mom always having a picnic basket similar to this.  She would use it for all our family picnics, church potlucks, and whatever else.  So when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  And within the first 2 days I had it, I used it twice!  Once for a grill out/bonfire, and the other time to take food to connection group. 

If you have some extra things sitting around your house that you can't part with by taking to Good Will or Salvation Army, why not host a Home Goods Swap?  It's quite possible your friends are in the same boat.  Best of all, you might be able to grab an item that you have had your eye on at your friends place for awhile, but now see that it is 'missing'.  And pick up some awesome things for free!!


Mom said...

Hey....... I want that picnic basket! Mine is falling apart after all these years. I have never found one as sturdy.

D&J said...

You and your friends have such inventive ideas, Nicole. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well.

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