Sew Much Fun!

This past Saturday, after working a short shift at the Center Grove Apple Orchard, I headed to the farm to get some sewing done.  I was 'hired' to make a camera strap and apron.  In addition, I (mom included) made a camera strap for Gina......well, technically Jay, since he's the photographer of the family.

Jay's camera strap cover.

Girly Camera Strap Cover.

Sassy Apron.

While mom was finishing up on some of the crazy sewing on the apron, I started playing with scraps of material from the 'girly' camera strap.

Here's what I came up with.

I know those rosette things aren't that new or amazing, but I have never made them before.
And man, I struggled with them!  I wasn't sure what I was doing, but it was difficult holding it together while sewing it together.  Then trying to sew them to the strap was another task on its own!

But, here's the new final result.

If you notice on this one, the left side has a small patch of material that is different from the rest.  That is a lens cap pocket that is on the inside of the strap.  Because many of the DSLR camera's don't have anything to connect the lens cap to the camera when in use, this little pocket is a great help.  There is a little pocket on Jay's cover as well, but it just blends in with the material.

I hope to make some more of these sometime...but it might be a little while before I get a chance to get back to the farm.  So if you want one, let me know.  I'll put you on my wait list.  :)


traci said...

i love the camera straps. those are awesome. i can't sew at all, so i am loving that. good job.

Jay and Gina said...

Looks great sista! Can't wait to get it in the mail! Surely won't lose our camera in the middle of our safari!!

The Houstons said...

HOOOOORAY! These are precious! You should really set up an ETSY shop! :) The girls will LOVE THEM!!!

Mindy said...

Miss Sews a Little,
How much for one of them fancy camera strap, hold the lens cap dealy-bobs? I'm in the market!!
No, seriously, how much? Email me.

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