Fall Time = Harvest Time

 To me, the fall season is more than just changing of the leaves, cooler weather (which I LOVE!), a change in the wardrobe, cleaning your entire home...include all the places that might be hidden, and it finally being okay to enjoy lots and lots of pumpkin flavored foods.

To me, fall time equals harvest time.

My favorite season of all?  Harvest season.  If you can call it a season.  But since most people don't, I guess that is why I like fall the best.

Growing up, before the seed companies started picking the seed corn out of the fields on their own, I remember there being so many family and friends at the farm to help with harvest. 

When we use to pick our own corn, it was 'all hands on deck'!  The pickers were smaller, there were only little wagons to haul the ear corn from the field to the unloading/loading site, and then a conveyer belt was used to load the corn from the wagons to the semis.

I am pretty sure there are some pictures of this at the farm.  So mom, when you have a chance, do you want to find them?  I'd like to scan/save them.

Anyway, since picking corn is only a job for my brother now (since he hauls for a local seed company), I enjoy whatever time I can helping dad harvest.

I enjoy seeing a field start like this.

Then introducing the combine to the field, since they'll be spending a few hours together.  :)

Enjoying the 'fruit' of the labor of spending hours sitting in the combine.

And finally.....the field being done.  That is one of the best feelings.

And then it is off to the next field.

Harvest for this year hasn't begun yet.  So all these pictures are from last year when I spent a few hours in the combine.  Hopefully it will work out that I get to help again this year!


Lori said...

I love harvest!

Mom said...

We are waiting for you to come to the farm and get in that combine!

Whitney @ Life's a Highway said...

Harvest in Indiana is moving right along, too! It's been so dry out here that guys got an early start in the fields. Enjoy your harvest and stay safe!

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