Summer Days - June

Wow.  What a summer this has been.  I think I can honestly say that so far in my life, this has been my busiest summer to date.  But, it sure has been an enjoyable one. 

June started with me recruiting at my target schools for our program.  The turnout/response this year was amazing!  I can't wait to begin serving these students.  I am most definitely looking forward to a successful year.

The first Sunday in June (June 6) I found myself up at a friend's lake house.  It was a quick, but very enjoyable trip.

The next weekend (June 12) I had a friends wedding, as well as hung out with this dude all weekend.

The next week (June 16-23) I was pet/house wrangling for a week,

in addition to having our new recruits on campus for 2 days
(June 15-16).

I think they all had a great time.  I know I did!

That weekend (which brings us to June 18-20, I got to welcome home my China sister and her family...
and see my other nephew as well! 

I also celebrated Father's Day, with the family, but had to leave early to go pick up students.

The days of June 20-25 we hosted rising seniors and juniors, and June 27-July 1, we hosted rising sophomores and freshmen on campus for an Early Outreach Program at Iowa State University.  The purpose of EOP is to expose the students to what ISU has to offer, and what life on a campus might be like.

Inbetween the EOPs, I ran back to the farm again (June 25-27).

Finally after the students return home on July 1, June is done!  :)

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