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Are you looking to get a head start on making some Christmas gifts this year?  If so, head on over to Skip To My Lou, and check out the Holiday Craft Along.

You will find some awesome gift ideas!!

I am particurally drawn to the sew along.

This past weekend I made a little diaper/wipe clutch for a friend of mine and her sons.  (Sadly, I forgot to take pictures.)  With the ideas shown in some of the tutorials, I have some new ideas to make a little clutch for another friend and her daughter. 
It just might involve some gathers/ruffles.  :)

Also, I have been wanting to make a laptop bag for another friend.  I already have the material, but I was just waiting on the dimensions for her laptop.  I looked around online at some great designs a while ago, but didn't like the price!

After waiting a few weeks, I saw this tutorial for a laptop sleeve

I have a feeling I will be altering the assembly of it a bit, but love the over all look of it.  Once I get it completed, I hope to remember to take a picture and share that.

But if you are at all familiar with a sewing machine, I'd encourage you to check out thew Sew Along.  Many of the tutorials shown are for items that you can buy on Etsy and various other sites.  And yes, I might have paid money for a little clutch that isn't near as cute as the ones in the tutorial.  But that won't be happening any more!

Be sure to check out the Craft and Bake Along as well.  There are some great ideas there!

I am SEW happy to have found this resource.  If you are related to me or are like family, don't be surprised if you get something that involves material for Christmas from me.

Happy sewing, creating, and baking!

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