Flood Day

It all started about 9p last night.  Well, maybe it started earlier in the week with lots of rain.  But last night, at 9pm, the rain started falling.  And it rained buckets, tubs, and trucks!

We lost power in our building around 10:30pm, and I have no idea when it came back on...I was sleeping.  When you lose power, that also means that the sump pump in the building that has been working to keep the water out will no longer be working!  Sadly, my friend Amy lives on the ground floor.  When she returned home from a trip out west, she went down the stairs and stepped on to some squishy carpet.  Nothing like waking up your landlord at 11:45pm at night. 

When this morning came around, my collegue and friend Jessica (who lives in my building now as well) and I were going to make our way to Ames.  But come to find out, any of the routes that we were thinking of attempting to travel were closed due to being flooded.

Here's our office for the day...

Well, it was actually a little messier than this.  Amy, Jessica, and I made my place the office today.  Amy's apartment was wet and a little stinky from the water, and my table is bigger than Jessica's.  So my place it is! 

In the midst of all this, my friend Joy and her 2 kiddos hung out at my place.  After traveling for 1.5 hours to go about 20 miles, she camped out at my place for a couple three hours waiting to hear from her dad and her son's who were suppose to be flying in to Iowa today.

Every 'office' needs a nice waiting room, with some great magazines to read.

And cute and stylin' girls give the office some class!

After a 'working lunch' uptown, it was time to get back to some real work. 

It was definitely fun keeping up on Facebook for peoples updates and pictures and videos.  By the end of the day, we didn't even attempt to go to Ames or to check out the floods.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  It would be different to see it in person, but no need to add some more people to the chaos that is already going on.

Flood 2010

To end our day, we grilled some meat and cooked up some sweet corn!  LOVE IT!

Due to some water main breaks in Ames (2 big and 4 smaller), the city is basically on a shut down.  Normal drinking water won't be back until probably Tuesday.  Read about it here.  Because of this, Iowa State University is going to be closed on Thursday.  This does NOT happen.  It hardly happens for snow, so we know this is a big deal. 

For me, that just means I get to head to the farm a day early!  Well, after I go and visit a new little red head in Ames....if I can find a way to get in there.

Hopefully everyone that is in Ames is doing ok and has supplies for the weekend.  Holler if you need anything!

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