Queen Anne's Lace


Have you noticed how abundant Queen Anne's Lace is this year?

While driving any country road in Iowa, this little flower can be found.

If for some reason you aren't seeing it on one side of the road, be sure to look to the other side.  :)

After a test (and failure), it is better to enjoy this beauty from the seat of your vehicle. 
(Or from your front yard if you happen to have some growing in your own ditches.)

It doesn't last more than 30 minutes in water after being cut. 

And after doing a little research online about Queen Anne's Lace, it seems that this flower is a biennial plant that blooms from May through October.  So even though we get to enjoy it's flowers for only one year, it is at least for about 5-6 months of that final year.

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

They make great natural snowflakes too, and you can make jelly from them too, both how to's are on my blog...somewhere! lol

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