Father's Day in Pictures

and a few words as well.

Here's dad, on Father's Day, grilling his own dinner.  :)

Grandpa or Great Gramps...depending on who you are talking to.  He will be 90 this year.  He can still be pretty stubborn.  I guess that's where I get that trait from.  :)

The table for our Sunday dinner (or lunch if you are from the city).

Mom has a bunch of colorful hankies.  Why not use them as napkins?  It is an easy way to add lots of fun color to the table.  Because the farm is a 'red' farm (that means we like Case IH), and my oldest sister and her husband work for the green team, I had some fun with the napkins.  My brother and dad and I got the red hankies, and Dan and one of his son's got the green napkins.  The other son would have as well, but there weren't enough.  Nothing like a little family fun/rivalry at the dinner table.  :)

If you notice under some of the plates, Jacquelyn drew/colored a picture for all of us.  What a thoughtful little girl.  (And I guess it gave her something to do since she was up at 5:30 Sunday morning.  That's what traveling across the world can do to you.)

Andrea!  Welcome back to the farm! 


Jay and Gina said...

You're missing a plate for me!!!

Mindy said...

I love the hankie napkins! Had thought of that myself before.

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