Crazy Week Update

Or maybe I should call it a crazy couple of weeks.

Let's start the recount starting this past Wednesday. 
I began house sitting and pet wrangling for some church friends. 

Thursday after work I went and wrangled four kiddos.  Since it wasn't too hot that night, the kids and I played at the park for awhile, and eventually went on a walk to the sittin' tree....a tree down the road.

Friday was just one long day.

Saturday was spent hanging with the China family and napping.

Sunday we all went to church and had a dinner at the farm.  I had to leave the party early for work.  I had to stop by 2 towns on my way back to Ames for a program on campus this week.

Every day so far this week has been spent with fun group of students.  Normally when I house sit, I bring food with me to the house for meals.  But, because of the program on campus, I am able to eat all 3 meals on campus this week.  Score!  However, after completing our third day, I have quickly realized how limited the food selection is.  Don't get me wrong....there are lots of options.  But it almost feels as if all those options are available during every meal, so lots of repeated food items.  Oh well, I guess beggers can't be choosers.  :)

Once Friday night rolls around, I get to head back to the farm!  It seems like it can't come soon enough, but this week sure has gone by fast!

Then I begin the routine all over again for another week.

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