China Family Arrives!

After a crazy night of waiting and emailing and calling and more waiting and walking around at the airport, my parents and I left Cedar Rapids not knowing when or where we would finally see our China family.  Due to the big storms in the Midwest on Friday, their flight from Beijing to Chicago got diverted to another airport in Rockford, Illinois, and eventually made it to Chicago.  After waiting and flights getting delayed numerous times, it was finally cancelled at about 1am.  Thanks to a taxi driver taking the family from Chicago to a farm in someplace, Iowa, we greeted them at 6am!!  The kids were a little wound up, and we were a little tired.  Thanks to Grandma and her garage sale-ing, the 3 kiddos had clothes to wear for the day...since their luggage was hopefully somewhere in the country.

It was sure a fun day of playing outside.  The kids went down for naps around 9:30am, and so did I!  I actually had 2 naps today....which is 2 more than normal.  Hopefully they will all be on Iowa time fairly soon. 

Here are some pictures from the day.

Jacquelyn....doing the typical 'strike a pose' for the photo op.  This is something she learned in China.  :)

Jacob...he just sat there and gave me his great smile!

Alex...since he doesn't remember us, it's been a little bit of a hard adjustment for him.  But he was sure having a fun time while playing.  Glad I could get a picture where he's happy!

Carson....he was happy to meet his cousin's for the first time today.  Even though we are a 'red' farm, he was a good sport and put on his 'green' shirt, since his China aunt & uncle both work for John Deere.  You can tell he's not too happy about wearing the shirt, but at least he has his Iowa State hat to redeem himself.

Also, I finally learned how to load some Photoshop Elements actions.  I'm still learning, but had some fun playing with these pictures that I posted.  Hopefully I can get the hang of it, and have fun with more pictures.

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Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures of the kiddos!

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