Flowers Galore

Because I am such a wonderful sister, I am helping Gina out with a project for a Dine-In meal for her CAV ladies.  :) 

She was put in charge of the centerpieces and the invites. 
And I was assigned with the fun task of coming up with ideas. 
And it has been fun.

I was inspired by a friend, who was inspired by a store, to make some paper flowers and decorate a Pringles can as the vase. 
Seems simple and easy enough.

Here's the start of my flower making.  I attempted to get most of the parts cut and punched out before I started assemblying. 
Starting to assemble the different pieces.  Each flower has between 2-4 parts on it.  No need to make them all uniform....since real flowers aren't like that.
A look at the completed flowers.  I used pipe cleaners as the stems.  Much cheaper and easier than what I was originally going to use.
I found the fun little bling daisies at Hob Lob, and had to use them.
Here's a little bouquet of some of the flowers.  And that's our friend Amy in the background.  Hey Gina....Amy even helped a little on this project.  She cut out some big circles.  :)
And finally, the finished product...well, sort of.
This can is a super stack can, so it's taller than what will be used.  I also hope to add a few more flowers to the bundle, instead of using just 5.
Once the Dine-In happens, I know Gina will get lots of pictures, because I will make her.
I have 3 patterns of white/black paper that will be used.  At the time when I made my sample, I didn't want to open up the other papers yet, so just decided to make the can wrapper and the table runner of the same pattern.  However, it won't look like this the night of the dinner.

Now I hope I can find some time to run to Hob Lob again today to return a bunch of extra stuff that I got, and pick up some more pipe cleaners.  I got the small pack the first time, to see if they would even work.  Now to buy the jumbo pack of a couple hundred or so.


Janel said...

Of course they look AWESOME! Very cool!

Mindy said...

Those look great, Nicole! Way to get some use out of that Big Shot!

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