Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mom's out there, I hope you enjoy this day that is set aside for you.  Even though there is only one day a year that you are officially celebrated, the world would be a different place without moms.   

Thanks for all that you do that goes unnoticed, or is just expected to happen.

Now to my mom...thanks for being such a great role model of how to live a life serving others.  You are always there to help any of us (or even your church family) whenever the need arises.  You have taught me the art and love of cooking and baking.  Most importantly, you have taught me how to love on others kids.  You are a grandma to kids who aren't even your own grandkids.  And you still love them the same. 

I know I take the ability to love on other's kids for granted, because God has blessed me with it too.  I think nothing of watching my friend's kids.  It's something I enjoy doing, and often ask to watch their kids more.  I wouldn't be able to do this without having watched, and continue to watch, you care and love for other's kids. 

Mom, you have always been a great teacher and role model, and continue to be one today....even though we are miles apart.  Just miles...not countries.  :)  (And since it is just miles, when are you going to come and visit me?)

1 comment:

Mom said...

Carson and I can come visit...when do you want us? Hope you had fun wrangling the boys today.

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