Completed Play Set

As requested by my sister, here is a glimpse at the completed play set.  You can find the beginning of it over here

The play set is now in place, and gets used often.  Mostly by the little dude in the picture.  (Don't mind the long grass.  The mower is having some issues.)

Mom watches him once a week.  Once my nephew gets bigger, I know he will enjoy this swing.
But in a couple weeks, it will get much more use when my niece and 2 other nephews visit from China.  It will be a great time!!

And here's mom chatting with Gina,
while hanging out at the play set.  :)

1 comment:

Jay and Gina said...

Thanks sis!!! I can't wait to be home so I can wear a tanktop instead of a sweatshirt!!!!

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