California Dreaming, Day 1

Too early on Sunday morning, I flew out to San Diego, CA for a work training.  The training is actually located in Del Mar...just north of San Diego.  My friend/co-worker Jessica and I landed about 12:30pm, but didn't get to our hotel until after1:30pm.  We did venture out when we got here for lunch, and then again for supper.

On our walk back to the hotel from lunch, we came across some neat flowers/bushes/plants. 

I'm sure it was obvious to the people driving by, since these flowers were right along the sidewalk by the road, that we were not from around here.  We are definitely tourists.  Oh well.  The flowers were something new and unique to us.

Even though the weather in CA when we arrived here was great....it almost seemed like it was a little cooler than it was in Iowa!  Who would have imagined that!  Definitely not us. 

The night ended with a nice rain shower.  I guess rain is something that doesn't happen often here, so it was a good thing it rained.  Since we don't have a vehicle, we were able to utilize the hotel shuttle.  That was much better than walking in the rain!  We enjoyed some California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  It was some tasty pizza!  Too bad there aren't any of them located in Iowa.  I would love to eat there again.

One day down, five days left.

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