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Way back before my newest nephew was born in November, I already had an idea of what I wanted to get him for Christmas (just one of his gifts). And, well.....not that he will really enjoy it for awhile, but hopefully his parents do!

However, because the name wasn't shared until after the dude was born, I had to (im)patiently wait for his arrival. :)

Then, because I was wanting to be cheap, I had to wait until the letters were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Then I had to wait another week or 2 for the remaining rain-checked two letters to arrive.

I had already purchased the scrapbook paper at Memory Bound Scrapbook in Ankeny. This store is evil! I never have a problem finding something I like. :) I did have a problem in deciding which papers to use for the letters, since the selection there is HUGE!! But, I got it figured out eventually.

And here is the final product.
The letters were originally white. I decided to paint them all brown, thinking the letters were going to go on some barn wood. I then glued the paper down and let it dry. I did take some sandpaper to the paper and roughed it up on the edges and on some random spots on the paper.

Once I got back to the farm for Christmas, I was able to finish putting the letters on the wood. After laying the letters out on the barn wood, it was decided it was too much, and took away from the look of each. So I then went with a 1x12 and beat it up a bit.

To attach the letters to the board, I really wanted to use screws to keep with the farm theme. The end result is great! Now, my brother and his wife just need to figure out how to hang the thing! It's not the lightest thing to hang on a wall, so it needs to be secure.

Since I didn't do any close-ups of the papers I used, here they are:
C : rusty red hankey
A : kernels of corn
R : multi-colored stripes
S : farm words
O : teal with white polka dots and some red accents
N : barn wood

I have other ideas for the barn wood that I ended up not using. I think I will still use letters and paper, but keep it to either a solid color or only 1 pattern.

Speaking of barn wood, does anybody have any they would like to give away for free or at a really cheap price or maybe even for a cheesecake? If so, let me know!


Kim said...

mmmm cheesecake... I wish I had some to trade ya!! I have a shelf my mom gave me for Christmas out of barnboard & I love it! perfect for my 'country kitchen' :)

that sign is adorable! nicely done!
I get lost in MB .. dh finally just drops me off & waits for my call LOL

Jodee Leader said...

That turned out soooo cute and, of course, I love the name :)

traci said...

that is so cute. great job. he is going to love it.

Amester said...

That turned out awesome! :) *thumbs up!*

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