The Chaos Life

The past few days have been a bit chaotic for me. Last Thursday through this Wednesday, I am house/dog/horse wrangling for a couple from church. On top of all that, this past Friday and Saturday/Sunday, I had 3 kid wrangling jobs, 2 of which overlapped for about 8 hours, and one overnight gig. Throw in helping a friend move, going in to work on a day off (with 2 kids), Stampin' Up club, too much driving around for my own good, lots of laundry, and then finally some friends over to watch the Super Bowl, I didn't have much of a weekend. In addition, getting up at 5am to get to my gigs and going to bed around 11pm for 2 nights in a row with no time for a nap is not fun!

I have done plenty of kid wrangling and house/dog/horse wrangling before, but never at the same time. And now I see why. With the wrangling gigs in one town, and the dogs in another, I was doing extra trips during the day to take care of the dogs, and pick up kids. It's a good thing the kids were fantastic! Actually, I think they were much better than the dogs! :)

In addition to all that fun, we are getting another good layer of snow around here. It feels like it has been snowing since Friday. This morning started another winter storm that is suppose to last until Tuesday night. The joys of living in the Midwest! I just wish I didn't have to work, and that I could play in the snow!

And my birthday is Friday. I'm turning 30! It's gonna be a great day! I'm taking the day off, but have no idea what I will be doing. Maybe I'll finally try to work on some craft projects I have put off due to no time.

Here's my fun farmgirl picture of the day.

What's on my boots you ask? Well, that would be a mix of horse poop and hay. Yup. I wore these to work today and don't care. My normal farm boots are at the farm, where they should be. But, with treking out to the barn through a foot of snow, I pushed my Ropers aside, and donned my snow boots. I figured there is no need to clean them, since they will get covered again tonight and tomorrow night.

Oh, the joys of being a farmgirl....and proud of it!

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