Valentine's Decor

{I would have actually posted this yesterday, but my camera and laptop don't like each other. I have even reinstalled the software and no luck. Thankfully it still works on my work computer.}

Canon or Nikon, if you would like to send me a camera to keep and review, I'd be more than happy to accomodiate!

Since today is February 1, I did some redecorating and crafting this weekend to make my place a little more Valentine friendly. I did end up purchasing some glitter hearts from Hobby Lobby this past week, at some percent off. I also bought a yard of red burlap, for a craft I wanted to attempt that I have seen lots of.

I found the craft at Craftaholics Anonymous. But she got the idea from WhereTheHeartIs. I decided to make a red square.
In the end, I think I would rotate the burlap more as I put it on the wire. For some reason, I can't get it to 'mess up' nicely, and stay that way. It keeps wanting to go back to the pattern of how I put it on the wire. Oh well. I can make it different next time.
Also, as you can tell, instead of having mine hang on the wall or door, I currently have it on my little side table. But, I don't know if it will stay there. I wouldn't doubt the strong possibility of me moving it. :)

See this plate on the right?
It's really one of the plates I eat off of. But, I decided to use it to add a little more {FREE} decor to my place. I just cut out some hearts from cardstock and added some ink to them. I attached them to the plate with just some good ol' scotch tape. That way it should hopefully be easy to remove after February is over.

Next up, my loveseat table. Well, it's the little table behind the loveseat. What's it called? I can't remember. Anyway, here's what I did to it. Left side (yes, it's the view from the back, since the lighting was just awful):
A piece of scrapbook paper underneath the lamp and accessories. The jar on the left is holding some conversation hearts. I topped the lid off with a circle of another pattern of scrapbook paper. The larger vase is holding the hearts I picked up at HL on sale. I did spray some clear coat over them, hoping to hold some of the glitter to them, instead of all over everything. (I'd suggest to do that if you have anything that is covered in glitter. Otherwise you will be cleaning it up for weeks to come.) On the lamp, I put an extra strip of the burlap that I had already cut. It is basically just sitting on there. I put a pin to hold the two ends together, but did NOT put it through the shade itself. When I remove it, I will be taking my lint brush to the lamp shade to remove the red fibers from the burlap. (That's also a great way to remove dust from lamp shades!)
Right side: I put some more conversation hearts in the tall vase. I stamped the cupcakes and 'Yum Yum' that are in the picture holder. I received the card in the mail from a giveaway at Not Quite June Cleaver, and have used it many times.
Oh, of course, here's my 'Howdy' spot. I am pretty sure I've said it before, I enjoy dressing this area up and changing it out for the different holidays/seasons.Because Valentine's isn't really a holiday I decorate for, I wanted to be sure that it was easy and cheap. I think I accomplished that. I will even get to reuse the red burlap wreath at Christmas time. I'm excited about that! Which might also be the reason I decided to not make a heart. :)

Oh, and my 30th birthday is just around the corner...the 12th. Yup. I'll be 30. I'm actually looking forward to it! :)

There is a little fun {game} I will share about once my birthday comes, thanks to my aunt and uncle.


traci said...

everything looks "love-ly". i don't have anything valentiney. that's not good. i love the scrabble tiles by the books - very cute idea.

Lori said...

Do you put your media card into your computer or printer? Or do you use your cord to connect your camera and computer? Just wondering what errors you are getting? I use my cord and the windows camera/scanner wizard to load pictures. Email me if you want...not sure if I can shed some light or not, but its worth a try.

Kim said...

ADORABLE!!! love the crate in the howdy area!! I have really gotten into vday this year more than I have in the past.

Kim(another Iowa girl)

Mom said...

Lookin' good!
Come and decorate my house before our party!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Love your square "wreath"! and the red looks fab! Thanks for leaving you link. I'm add it to the post!
happy crafting!

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