Late Night Snow

Well, yet again...it's late at night. But it is absolutely gorgeous outside!!

Snow has been falling all day. And not just any snow. But the soft, light, fluffy kind. It seems to bring a calm to everything it touches. The world seems like a much quieter place with a foot of snow or more on it.

I don't even remember how many times I have shoveled the sidewalk and part of the driveway. And where I am house/dog/horse wrangling, it is not a small driveway.

In the above picture, you can partially see Molly. Anytime I go outside, she goes out to, to play in the snow. It's fun to watch her. She is definitely like a kid when it comes to the white stuff. But heck, so am I! Just too bad I forgot my snow pants! And it's just not as fun when my jeans freeze at the bottom of the pant legs since they were so wet from the snow.

But I still love the snow...even though I believe we have broken the record for snow fall in 1 season. Yes, at times, I too wish we could be done with the snow. But I can't imagine myself living in a place where you don't get to experience every single season that God created.

Hopefully I can get some more snow pictures tomorrow. When it is not so late, and maybe a little brighter out.

(FYI...I finally caved and got myself a little card reader device. It seems to work...since these pictures were all loaded on my laptop!)


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

We had the same kind of snow, nice and easy to get around, simply beautiful!

Lori said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I went out early this morning to take pictures before the wind kicks up. It is simply a wonderland out there!

Jeanneoli said...

All your snow reminds me of growing up in Illinois. I am a little spoiled now in Colorado...we have many 50-60 degree winter days. All your snow looks so pretty!

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