Menu Bar....FINALLY!

Well, after many months of wanting a menu bar (and not having a clue of how to do it and not really wanting to pay anyone to do it), I came across The Girl Creative, and figured it out on my own!!

So, that is why you see a little menu bar below my header title now!! I have gone back to a few posts to reclassify things, but that's a lot of work. I think I will try to reclassify everything, but it will just take me awhile.

The tabs aren't exactly what I would like either, since it opens up an entirely new screen, but it works for now. (If anyone has an idea of how to NOT open up a new screen by clicking on one of the 'tabs', let me know!!)

The directions that The Girl Creative gives on here blog were pretty easy to figure out. The only change I did come across was making my 'tabs' much smaller than she suggested. But that was easy to figure out. So go ahead and give it a try. I'm very happy I did it.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my new little addition to the blog. Until I can find someone that would like to redo my blog (for free of course), give me some great tips, or I win a blog design giveaway, you can join me on my journey of trying to make things how I would like them to be.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting because I promise I was just emailing you to ask how to add a menu bar!!! lol

The Girl Creative said...

Good job! Thanks for the shout out.:)

traci said...

the menu bar looks great.

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