Farming Quilt

Back on Thanksgiving day, I took some pictures that I have yet to post. Thanks to the laptop no longer reading the camera, I've struggled with getting pictures posted. I have no idea what to do to fix it, but hopefully I can figure something out.

Anyway, on to a couple of pictures. My nephew Carson is in this picture. Can you find him?

This quilt was made by our aunt, for my nephew Carson. Isn't it fantastic? Because we are a farming family (well, more my dad and brother than myself...but I help!), she went with a farm theme.

Do you notice the semi in the middle of the quilt, right next to Carson in the next picture? That's because my brother has a semi and hauls seed for Pioneer.
It will probably be a little while before Carson is able to join Adam on his early morning ventures around the Midwest, but I'm sure he will someday. And who knows...maybe this quilt will go along with him on the journeys.

I haven't seen this little farmboy since then, so maybe he will finally fit in to his newborn pants...instead of having to roll up the waist like in the picture. :)


++MIRA++ said...

i really love this quilt! its so creative and perfect for a little one:)

traci said...

that is the cutest quilt i've ever seen. the little guys pretty cute too.

KAS said...

What a sweet little guy. And a great quilt! Combined, our kids have at least a dozen handmade quilts from aunts, grandmas, great-grandmas and family friends. It's a wonderful (and practical) art form.

Jay and Gina said...

Carson reminds me of Phillip. I don't know why.... but those pants for some reason make me think of him! That's funny!!

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