Christmas Socks!

And finally....here are my Christmas socks!!

The bottom row of socks are all from Kmart, as well as the very top blue one. This week I picked up a few more of the sets, since they are buy one get one FREE! However, the black pair in the middle had a hole in them already, and I wore them once. Hopefully I will be able to take them back. I've never had a problem with socks getting holes that fast. So I'm guessing it already had it to begin with when I bought them. And since I have only a few fun socks, I should know. :)

Now to kid wrangling. This week has been a busy week of it. But it's been fun! Since I won't be around for about 12 days over Christmas and New Years, I'm happy to play with the kids now and get my fix. BUT...I will get to play with Carson some over my break, which I am so looking forward to. Well, I guess I wouldn't say play, maybe just hold and cuddle.

With all the kid wrangling, I haven't gotten all my gifts done yet! I sure hope I will get them done soon. I have only 3.5 days left before I head back to the farm! Need to get the gifts completed and wrapped, in addition to wrapping the others that I have. Busy busy!

I can't wait to enjoy the break with my family!


Jay and Gina said...

Buy some for me!!!! I don't have any Christmas socks over here! My kids are always commenting on my socks, but no fun Christmas ones! You need to supply me with some!

Jodee Leader said...

What a hoot! I love your holiday socks! A girl can never have too many!

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