12 Days of Christmas ...SOCKS!

Today in Iowa, many of us woke up to yet another interesting morning of weather. A little ice, a little snow, a little wind, and a little chilly. It makes for a great start. I was scheduled to have a make-up visit at one of my schools, but that didn't happen since they were delayed. So I am spending the day in the office, hopefully getting ready for my other 2 visits this week.

Since counting today, it is now 12 days until Christmas (and 9 to see my sister), I have come up with a fun way for me to participate in the 12 days of Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Socks!

Yup. A different pair of Christmas socks every day until Christmas. I have already worn a couple pairs. But I have enough Christmas/winter socks that I can wear a different pair every day until and including Christmas day. My only struggle, I might not have enough different outfits that will match my socks. But I think I will manage. I usually plan my outfits around my socks anyway, so hopefully I can pull it off.

Don't worry, you won't see a new pair of Christmas socks on here for the next 12 days. But once I get home today, I will gather all my socks together and get a picture.

Maybe some day I will be able to wear a different pair of Christmas socks every day of the month. How fun would that be!


Jodee Leader said...

How fun! I only own one pair -- they are black with snowmen but I do love wearing them on Christmas!

traci said...

what a cute idea. i don't think i have any christmas socks. how scrougish of me.

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