State Fair Time

Yesterday (Thursday) my parents and I went to Des Moines to enjoy the great Iowa State Fair. It's State Fair Time!

We were on the grounds by 8:30am. And man, it was sparse. (But I kind of like it that way...I'm not a fan of huge crowds if I don't have to be.)

I like the look of the General Store area. This is a little ways inside the east entrance. (Dad is in the yellowish/orangish shirt across from the blue garbage can.)

Here's mom in front of the soda fountain store. After this picture, she said 'No more pictures'. Hope you like it mom! :)

Here's a shot of the Grand Concourse at 8:30am. Quite the site to see.

A view of the top of some food stands....while I was waiting for some mini donuts. LOVE THEM! In the background you can see the pavillion.

Lunch anyone? (Don't worry, I took this as we walked by it before it opened. Didn't bother taking one when we went there to eat. I wanted to eat!)

The wonderful 4-H Building. The past 3 years, I have helped in this building prior to the fair. However, this year due to work and having kids on campus, I wasn't able to help. Hopefully I can help out again next year.

Pioneer Hall. Love the barn with the flowers.

An old church that I always enjoy seeing.

A view of the Grand Concourse at about 12:30pm. A little bit more busy this time.

Here's the biggest bull. I guess I should have tried to get a person in the picture somewhere. This guy is just tall and wide. We were also wondering how old he is, but we didn't find out.

Now how about we look at some big pumpkins. It's impressive how big they can get. But to me, sometimes bigger isn't always better. I would prefer a nice, small, orangier pumpkin.
As we were leaving the grounds, we cruised by Mrs. Clarks stand and enjoyed some lemonade. I Thought it was great. And thanks to mom not liking hers, I had hers as well. Thanks mom!

But dad got drawn to this truck. I don't remember the year of it, but he said we have one very similar to it in the back of the barn. I told him to fix it up! I'm thinking it would love to drive a little truck like this. Hmm. Maybe some day.

It was a great day at the fair.....even though it was the shortest time we have ever spent at the fair. But then, we also left right before the rain made its appearance. So I'm okay with that.

Next post...road trip time!

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Jay and Gina said...

Looks like a good time! Wish I could have come to join you! Too bad you didn't bring any taffy home!!!!!!!

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