Tractors at the Fair

While at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, being the farm girl that I am, of course I took lots of pictures of tractors. But not new tractors. Tractors that have had hundreds of hours spent on them to refurbish. Some are 4-H projects, some FFA projects, and some are just projects of love.
And for some reason, I enjoy getting pictures of the tractor emblems. (Yeah, I didn't get any John Deere....I guess that is what happens when you have no John Deere Green on the farm.)

This little tractor was a 4-H project by a gal. I thought it was quite neat. If you can't tell, it was made out of 12 oz pop cans and a few 8 oz cans....for the front wheels.
I hope you enjoyed a few of the tractors at the fair!

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