Colorado - Flea Markets

This past Saturday, I drove myself out to Colorado for a work training that we have this week. I love the scenic drive. However, this time it took a little longer than normal, since I had (well, I still have) a hip that didn't enjoy the long ride.

Sunday I had time to myself to bum around the area until I had to head to Denver to pick up my colleagues. I had seen some ads and information about the flea markets/antique stores, so thought I'd hit those up. As many of you 'junkers' might know, flea markets are very seldom air conditioned. They are just usually big buildings, with lots and lots of areas and stuff.

But let me back up to Saturday morning. When I left Iowa around 8:30am, it was about 55 degrees out. When I finally arrived to Fort Collins, CO around 6:30pm, it was about 92 degrees. (I remember seeing the thermometer a little higher, but I'm trying to forget that.) So on Sunday, the temps were in the upper 80s again. So that made for a very hot day of junk hunting. I did have a few fun finds. But I'll post about them later...once I'm home and put them to use.

Here are a couple of the stores that I visited.

If you are ever in the Fort Collins area, I would highly suggest that you take a good day to visit all these stores. I would have spent more time, but it was just too hot.

Oh, and how about some shots of my fun hotel room....

The Armstrong Hotel in Old Town Fort Collins.

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Mom said...

Those yellow walls look familiar.

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