Lots of Rain Showers Bring Many Reading Hours

If you are from the Midwest, at least Iowa, you know we had lots of rain on Sunday. When I left church around 10:30a, it was beginning to rain again. And it continued off and on all afternoon and evening. By later afternoon/evening, there was some great lightning action going on. It was fun to sit on my couch, look out my window over all the rooftops and watch the lightning dance in the sky. Some would be vertical, some would be horizontal, and some would be all over the place.

And what better way to spend a raining Sunday afternoon than by ready a couple of books. Yup, that's right. I read 2 books yesterday. I think that is a record for me. They both were probably around 300 pages (give or take a few), normal size books. I did take a break in between and turned on the tv, but that didnt' last long. Nothing good was on. And yes, I might have stayed up until midnight to finish the last book. But I couldn't sleep without finishing it. That has happened more than once, sad to say.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of some good books they have read? I usually just go to the library and pick out books from authors I have read, or books that are on the 'new' shelf. I believe my favorite library in the area is the Huxley library. Things are labeled well (especially if it is a series of books), the library is broken in to sections, and it is just nice in there. The books I usually read are labeled as Inspirational (Christian) or Western. What do you geek at the library? I would love some suggestions of new authors or books to read if you have them. Help me geek my geek on. :)

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Janel said...

One of my favorites is Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow....but my guess is that you've probably already read it!

Right now I geek children's development/training/parenting books written from a Christian perspective. Power of a Positive Mom is my favorite book of this sort (I can't remember the author for some reason right now). It's a really good one for Mom's.

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