Old Settlers Days

Friday night, a few friends and I cruised over to Maxwell in a 1983 Travel Cruiser. Yup, we were riding in style. We went there to enjoy the Old Settlers Days. On Friday and Saturday night of the days, they have a rodeo. This year, I actually knew people that were participating in the rodeo.

In shoot 3, where all the guys are standing in front of, is a former co-worker of mine from my days at Mg Biologics. He is ranked number 4 in saddle bronc riding. (I'm not sure if it's in the state or just the area.) He had quite the ride, as he ended up doing a sumersault over the front of the bronc. Unfortunately, he didn't make it the 8 seconds before that happened.

The other participant I knew is a member of the Red Rock Riders Equestrian Drill Team. She was a student on the Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington DC this summer.
My favorite part of the night might have been when all the little kids got to go in the arena for an activity. They all meet in the middle, take off one shoe, put it in a pile, then go back and stand behind a line. Then it is a race to see who can find their shoe, get it on, and cross the finish line the fastest. Unfortunately, the rodeo clown (who I have never been a fan of the 3 different times I have seen him) decided to begin throwing the kids shoes around the arena after they were all lined up ready to go. So some of them had a hard time finding their shoe, and I think there were a couple of kids who walked out missing a shoe. (I bet those parents weren't too happy with the rodeo clown.)
I apologize for the quality of the pictures. But with not having much zoom, the constant movement, a struggle with lighting, and a small digital camera, this is what you get. I gave up on trying to take any more.

For some reason, I always enjoy rodeos. Maybe it's because I get to see people ride horses with such talent and agility. While sitting there, I got to thinking why I never was able to do any barrel racing or an equestrian drill team. Then I remembered that we didn't have a horse, and was never allowed to get one.

But, I did fulfull a small wish to own a horse. It was a horse I got from Mg, and had for about 3 years. Sadly, I ended up selling Sassy Patch. When you don't live on a farm or right next to your horse barn, it is awfully hard to spend the quality time that is needed to work the horse.

Maybe some day or year, I'll get to own a horse again. But in the meantime, I just enjoy the horse life by watching other people.

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Mom said...

Guilt trip on lack of a horse on the farm?

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