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Today was a day of tours. This morning, we started out our day by heading down to Golden, Colorado. This town is a ways west of Denver. Golden is the home to MillerCoors.

This is also the home to the biggest brew house in the country. Here's a copper kettle outside of the tourist area.
After leaving Golden, we headed north to Boulder. After cruising by the University of Colorado and through town, we finally made our way to SleepyTime Lane....the home of Celestial Seasonings. However, this tour didn't allow any pictures once we left a certain room. So, since I didn't have my camera out, I forgot to even take pictures of the outside of the building. Oops.

Once we had our fill of all the tea smells, we returned back to Fort Collins. We went to one of the newer breweries here...New Belgium Brewing.

One of the most popular beers made by here is Fat Tire. While on the tour, we learned where the origin of the 'Fat Tire' name came from, as well as why bikes are so popular with this brewery. (If you want to know about it, ask me sometime.)
I think this was probably the best tour overall...for all the free things we got, as well as the detailed information we got on the tour. Throughout the tour, there were 5 different beers that we could test, as well as a 'token' to try another kind once we were through with the tour. We also got a unique bottle opener, and were even able to send a postcard that they would mail for us. If you know me, I'm not a beer drinker. But, I did try 3 of the beers......and it confirmed that I still don't like beer. Nothing wrong with that though.

The best part of all of these tours that we went on today.....they were free! We just had to get there. If you'll be making a trip to Colorado any time soon and would like some more details about the tours, let me know. Some are just show up, but one was a scheduled tour.

If you would like to see more of the pictures I took today, head over here to check them out.
Tomorrow....Cheyenne, WY! Cowgirl Up!!

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