Colorado - Mountain Time

Yup....Mountain Time as in the time zone. Mountain Time as in we visited the Rocky Mountains at Estes Park.

Two of my colleagues and I rode up in this tram type of ride to the top of one of the peaks. It was just beautiful.

Here are some pictures from around the top of where we 'landed'. This first picture, I was facing west. For some reason, no matter how I tried to change my camera, this is how the picture would turn out. But, it's starting to grow on me.

Now here I am facing north in the next picture. I'm guessing it's the way the sun is shining and the clouds in the sky

The next picture is along the road to Estes Park. We pulled over on the way back down the mountain and took a few pictures.
If you have yet to go to Colorado or anywhere else to see the Rocky Mountains, please add that to your 'to do' list. While in or around the Estes Park area, we saw 3 vehicles with ISU plates, and rode down in the tram with 2 couples that had kids that graduated from ISU. I guess when you travel around in an ISU suburban, you stick out. Oh well. At least we get to see and breath God's amazing creation.

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