Cheyenne Fun

A late post, but oh well. Life happens.

Last Wednesday, we had a 'fun' day for all of us after our training in Fort Collins. It started with a campus visit at Colorado State University. We then headed north to Cheyenne. While there, we went on a trolley tour of the city, which I thought was great. We visit all the tourist spots of the city. We even got off the trolley at one of the museums. I would have liked to gone in more of the places, but we didnt' have enough time, since the trolley came around about every 90 minutes.

After we were done in Cheyenne, we headed south a bit to the Terry Bison Ranch. We stopped there to tour around a bit, as well as have supper. I had a bison burger, which was pretty delicious.

Here are some pictures during the day. (And warning....there are a bunch. Even more at my picasa site by Thursday.) I had a great time, and hope to go back some day.

Flags outside the depot where the visitor's center is located.
Yup, a Wrangler store...and we didn't even get to go in. Ran out of time.
Trolley we rode on for our tour. The tour guide/driver did a great job. You could tell he loved his job...a few lame jokes and all.
A statue dedicated to the volunteers at the Cheyenne Frontier Days.
Entrance to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. It was a big archway, made entirely out of horseshoes. Pretty much amazing.
The oldest coal burning steam locomotive in Wyoming, located in the Botanic Gardens.

At Terry Bison Ranch - the General Store.

Where I enjoyed my bison burger.

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Mom said...

Looks like your kind of country!

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