Colorado - Kitchen Delight

While on our lunch break during our training today, Jessica and I decided to stop by this store that looked a little scary from the outside. Well, not really scary...just not very welcoming. At least not yet. They are doing a big renevation of the front of this building, and had lots of plywood and plastic sheets all over the front and right inside the store, with a little walkway for the door. The place is The Cupboard.

Oh, how looks can be deceiving. When I walked inside this store, my heart just sighed. The colors, the tools, the food, the accessories. It was amazing.

Here was some very fun and colorful pottery. I happened to get the little red spoon rest that is on the 3rd row from the bottom. It will look great in my kitchen. I can't wait to use it. Probably the only piece of Fiestaware I will own.
Cake/cookies baking or decorating in mind? Try out some of these fun flavors or even the wide range of sprinkles.

Once I finally made my way to the back of the store, these lovelies were there to greet me.

And here is Jessica styling one of the amazing aprons. Do you notice the little cream cloth hanging off to the right of the apron? This was a very clever idea. It's like a towel on the apron. It is attached by a button on the apron and a loop on the towel. Love it. This way, instead of always washing the apron, just have a couple of little towels and rotate washing those. Mom....maybe we could do this with my potential apron? :)

Saving the best for last.......
Just looking at these things make my heart sing. Which one would I get? Either the bright red near the end or the very light blue.

Unfortunately, we then had to go back to our training. Since....that is why we are out here. But what a way to end the lunch break.
Kitchen Delight!


Mom said...

Good idea with the apron, I will have to try that.
Glad you're having "fun."

Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

One of each please!

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