Life on the Kid Farm, Part 2

To continue my previous post of Life on the Kid Farm.....on to the farm girls.

On this Friday, it was extremely hot outside. So there was only little spurts of playing outside. But while the farm boys took their much needed nap, here's what the farm girls had fun doing. I think this was the highlight of their day. :)

Here's a close-up of Jac's face. Notice the specks on the left side of her face? Yup. She wasn't being very careful about sneaking some bites. :)
And here are the cookies the girls decorated for me. They were yummy!
On a side note....did you noticed the pink and purple Nalgene water bottles in the pictures of the girls? Well, if you are looking for a good water bottle for your baby through whatever age, these are great! They have a stopper in them so are spill-proof, but it can be removed for the older kids. All the kids from a 9 month old - 6 year old enjoyed drinking from them. My sister picked them up at the Scheel's stores in both Waterloo and Cedar Falls, since one of them did not have enough. I found them on their website, but they are not available online right now. Bummer. Maybe another sports/outdoors store will have them. So go find yourself....I mean your kids or niece/nephews one. :)

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