Farm Kid University

Back in May, Jessica and I had our 7th & 8th grade students design their own college, based on their campus visit experience in April. There were some very creative ideas...as well as some silly ones. One of the students asked me about my college, but I didn't have one! So I went ahead and came up with one as well. And here it is. I love it!

Name: Farm Kid University

Location: Rural Iowa

Mascot: Case the fighting Deeres (Barnstormers is a fun name as well...but Iowa has an arena football time with that name.)

School colors: Red, Yellow, & Green

'Fields' of Study/Majors: Anything and everything agriculture

Extracurricular Activities: cow-tipping, tractor driving, fourwheeling, snowmobiling, bale throwing, pond fishing, creek tubing, animal wrangling, horse racing, meat & potatoes cooking and eating, and farm living

Wouldn't it be fun if this was a real University? I'd sure love it!

I was just going through some papers, preparing for an office move. That is why you are getting this now, instead of back when it happened.

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