Life on the Kid Farm

It's a busy day on the kid farm today. Lots of work on the machinery/equipment.

Whoa! Watch out for the livestock!
Well, here's more of the livestock.

This is the most ferocious animal of them all......Drake. (Who would guess that one little farmboy was so frightened of this beast.)
And yes, the livestock will even over take the farm machinery/equipment.
Every good farmboy knows he needs to drink plenty of water....or eat plenty of ice. With temps in the mid/upper 90s, hydration is important.
No matter the size, you can always be a farmboy.
Here's another visiting farmboy for the day. (His shirt is perfect for the day: Step 1. Crawl, Step 2. Walk, Step 3. Drive a tractor)
Now back to the farm machinery/equipment.

The best tractor of them all.......full-pull power!
I'll see what I can do about a post for the farmgirls.

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