CWF - Day 6

Today was our last day of touring, as well as our final day at the National 4-H Conference Center.

We first went to see the Washington Monument,
then to the White House,
then some students wanted to buy some cheap goods from the street vendors,

then our groups split up, and I headed to the museums. They were a good time. Lots to see in only a couple of hours. But here are some fun ones.

then went and waited outside the Holocaust Museum for tickets for part of our group (the other part went to the Smithsonian Museums), [It was quite active outside the museum today. Lots of tv reports, cameras, and a whole lot of people wanting to get in. ] While waiting, I saw a memorial of the guard that lost his life on Wednesday.

Then our whole group.....38 people.....took the Metro from the Smithsonian Museums to the Pentagon. That was an adventure, but went quite well. (Since we are leaving the DC around midnight tonight, we were letting our bus driver sleep.)

After the Pentagon, we took the Metro back to the buses, and had to split up our group among 3 buses to get back to the center.
That about wraps up my trip in DC. Thanks for following along! If you ever want to take a trip there someday and need some suggestions of things to see, let me know. I'd be happy to help out. I had a fabulous time out here. Maybe I'll do this again some day. These youth from central Iowa were a great bunch of kids, and we all had a good time. I am hoping to make a few of the county fairs this year, because of this great group of kids.

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Mindy said...

You had a good trip! I've been there before and seen everything you did except the holocaust museum. Amazing- our country!

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