Little Critters

After I returned from my trip to DC, I headed for the farm. Check out these cute critters that we have running around the place.

Here's Drake. He's grown a bit since I saw him last.

And then there are thees three little kittens. They sure scatter fast at times. But yet they like to be held. Silly things. I am thinking that the kiddos coming from China will have a fun time with them this weekend. (Sorry I couldn't get all three of them together. Everytime they were all cute and sitting together, I didn't have the camera with me.)
Sunday evening, I got to help with a big critter. One of the cows down at our other farm broke one of the strands of the barbed wire fence, and made her way to the lawn. After a town neighbor stopped to let dad know there was a cow out, he took off. I decided to run down as well, just in case. At one point, she took off and started running on the road. So I jumped in my trail blazer and took off after her. She didn't get to far, since I used my mad driving skills to stop her and chase her back. Had I still had my truck, I would have taken the ditch (and pulled a stunt like my brother).

But, since I now have a TB, I didn't attempt. The clearance is not like what a truck is. Anyway, after I got the boss lady back on the grass and running toward the gate, dad was feeding the other cattle to get them away from the opening. That worked, because she wanted in then. Afterwards, I apologized to dad for tearing up the grass as I was taking off. But, he wasn't worried about it, since I got the job done.

I can't wait to see what this weekend brings, as I'll get to see my China sister and family! Haven't seen them since October, when Alex was only a couple months old. All the kiddos will be much bigger, and maybe even talking in Chinese!

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Mom said...

Thanks for the help with Mama cow.
We can't wait until the China kids get here either. One more day!!!

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