What a Great Birthday!

Today was my 29th birthday!!

And it was a great birthday at that. Even though the day started out not so fun with some sinus, ear, and headache problems, it ended great. Mandy had a little gathering at her house for me, which was more than what I was expecting. Usually I spend my birthday like any other day of the year. But THANK YOU Mandy for celebrating me! And thank you to all who showed up and celebrated my birthday with me. Some of my favorite people showed up and gave me some amazing gifts....which were my favorite things! Thank you!

Gina!!! Thanks so much for the flowers! I'm sorry I wasn't in the office to receive them today. But thank you!! I'll take a picture of them for you tomorrow....in the daylight. And bummer that my birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, when flower places can jack up their prices to obscene amounts. I will enjoy these flowers for as long as they let me!

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