Fonts Update

Wow. Talk about font overload..... But it's great! There are so many fonts that I love, I just can't have that many on my font list. Between the Fonts for Peas and the Scrapbook fonts from Kevin & Amanda, there are well over 300 total. So what I am trying to do now is go through each of the fonts, and see which ones I think I can use. For the ones that I don't plan on using, I am going to keep the zip file of all the fonts, so I can always come back and get them at a later date.

I've sorted the Scrapbook Fonts, and I went from 103 fonts down to 42. I think I am going to have to go through the list yet again, and try to narrow it down even more.

I'm now working on the Fonts for Peas, which are the hand-written fonts that people submit. There are some great ones!
Also, if you would like to get your handwriting made in to a free font, go here. I think this woudl be fun! My only struggle would be to find a scanner to complete the directions.

Happy writing!!

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Liz said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tip!

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